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Insta360 Evo manuals - Insta360 has an exciting new camera. His name is Evo, and at a glance, it looks like a 360-degree camera in general. But what is so unique is its fold design, which allows the device to be used to record 360 degrees of video as well as 3D stereoscopic video 180 degrees.

In a standard (folded) position, it is actually not much different than the Insta360 One X that was launched yet a year ago. In fact, the specification is very identical: it is capable of recording 360 degrees of the video in 5, 7K, complete along with FlowState image stabilization technology, and capable of taking an 18-megapixel photo with the help of its F/2.2 lens.

Beyond its standard position, EVO directly switches the function into a camera for the VR180 format. Insta360 is actually not the first to implement a folding design like this. Previously, there was a Vuze XR that carries a similar concept. Both of these devices offer extra flexibility for the 360-degree camera consumer.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and microSD slots are standard features on EVO, but the unfortunate charging still relies on micro USB instead of USB-C. One thing that would be the drawback is the absence of a screen panel at all, which means to limit access to any setting, the user must rely on the help of companion apps on the phone.

In terms of price, EVO also does not differ considerably from the one X. Insta360 currently has been marketing for $420, just the difference of $20 from official One X. At the same time, Insta360 also offers a supporting accessory called hologram, which is essentially a cover display for smartphones so that users can view 3d videos or photos without the help of special glasses. This accessory is sold separately for $30.

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