Hasselblad X1D II 50C User Manual PDF

  • Hasselblad X1D II 50C User Manual PDF
X1D II 50C User Manual - Three years ago, Hasselblad unpegged The X1D, the world's first mirrorless camera to pack a medium-format sensor, whose display size was much larger than the full-frame sensor. It is now his rally turn; X1D II 50C presents a number of enhancements in terms of performance and operation.

The X1D II still uses the same 50-megapixel medium-format sensor as its predecessor. But the weakness of X1D first generation is not image quality, but rather its performance. That's why Hasselblad pinned a new processor to X1D II, which in turn was able to trim the camera's boot time by 46%, as well as improving overall performance.

Its burst shooting capability increased slightly to 2.7 fps. Also, the presence of this new processor managed to boost the refresh rate of the X1D II electronic viewfinder (EVF), which is now at 60 fps. Not to be missed as well as the increase in the EVF resolution to 3.69 million dots, as well as the magnification level that rises to 0.5 x.

About operation, the X1D II relies on a larger touchscreen, precisely 3.6 inches, with a higher resolution of 2.36 million dots. Not only that, but the menu display has also been refined to be more easily mastered, and menus are now also accessible via the EVF.

Another trivial but still exciting change is the JPEG-only shooting mode. Before this, the original X1D was only able to shoot in RAW or JPEG + RAW format only. Also interesting is how his 24.7 Wh battery can now be charged using the adapter or directly via the camera's USB plug, which means X1D II can receive power supply from power bank in the emergency.

Still, around USB, Hasselblad has also updated the X1D II companion app named Phocus Mobile 2 to connect directly to the third-generation iPad Pro via a USB-C cable. Lastly, X1D II has also packaged an integrated GPS, unlike its predecessors requiring a separate accessory.

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