Ezviz S6 User Manual PDF

S6 is EZVIZ's newest product in the series of action cameras, combining a variety of excellent new features. 4K Video and H. 265 codecs ensure high quality resulting images, while distortion correction and electronic image stabilization bring real-world living in your hands. In addition to all that, S6 hands-free voice control makes recording easy.

S6 video Recording in 4K format at 30 fps with H. 265 codec. Delivers the best quality captures every moment perfectly.

With the six-axis Gyro & G-sensor and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), you can enjoy a 4K video with better stability, no matter what action you do, whether it's driving, skiing or diving.

S6 automatically corrects image distortion as it is combined with unique correction algorithms, adjustable FOV, and wide lens viewing angles with distortion correction.

Take pictures and videos without difficulty with simple voice control. The 2-inch 320 x 240 HD IPS touch screen with a new UI design, will make you fall in love with S6 easy and intuitive operation.

S6 is equipped with one 1160 mAh removable battery with a lifetime of up to 100 minutes.

With its waterproof container, S6 can be taken to a depth of 40 meters below the surface of the water. There is also a waterproof container for a depth of 60 meters (sold separately).

Ezviz S6 User Manuals Guide (PDF)

Description Ezviz S6 Camera - User Manual
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DescriptionEzviz S6 Camera - User Manual
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