DJI Ronin-SC User Manual PDF

DJI Ronin-SC User Manual - DJI Ronin's 3-axis gimbal line is re-increased. The newest family member is DJI-Ronin-SC which comes with a more compact and lightweight design that is ideal for pairing with a mirrorless camera or a compact camera.

Like DJI Ronin-S, Ronin-SC is a 3-axis gimbal that can be used with one hand. This Gimbal also offers many functions and can be paired with a variety of additional modules.

The difference is that Ronin-SC comes with a more portable design. The weight of Ronin-SC is only about 1.08 Kg, 41 percent lighter than Ronin-S. Not only that, but Ronin-SC also carries a modular design that can be removable and save more places. This way you can easily enter the Ronin-SC into your camera bag when you travel.

Not only is the design more portable, but DJI Ronin-SC also carries a new mode called Force Mobile. This Mode is exceptional because it can allow the user to set up the gimbal movement by merely moving the smartphone only through the Bluetooth support 5.0.

Also, to force Mobile Mode, ActiveTrack 3.0 technology in DJI Ronin-SC has now been improved as well. According to DJI, with the support of artificial Intelligence, ActiveTrack 3.0 in DJI Ronin-SC can track human subjects with more precision, just like the ActiveTrack technology that is on DJI drones. For other features, a virtual joystick is available to move dreadlocks from the smartphone, Motion Control, and the TimeLapse and Panorama shooting modes are available.

DJI Ronin-SC can withstand the weight of the camera and lens with a total of up to about 2 Kg. Other features, the battery is also durable. To support the video capture activities, it can be used up to about 11 hours.

DJI Ronin-SC User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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