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Canon iNSPiC C Manual - This instant camera has a slightly different look than that of the series Inspic S. The difference lies in the larger selfie mirror on Inspic S. Also there is also a built-in ring LED light to make a face look more glowing. While on Inspic C, it features a small selfie mirror-like the instant camera Fujifilm, positioned alongside a 5MP-resolution lens.

Also, there is also a viewfinder or viewfinder located above the lens and equipped with a flash. On the back, in addition to displaying the viewfinder, there is also a Reprint button and an image ratio aspect option button. The image size can be selected into two sizes, 2x2 inches, and 2x3 inches. I quite like the feature of this option, because I can choose whether the image will fill the whole paper or want to leave a little bit on it.

Unfortunately for me, this not full size looks quite strange. This reason leaves only empty space at the top. Usually, the results of photos on a similar camera leave empty space on the left or right side.

Not only that, but I also love the presence of the Reprint button. Obviously, this will allow me to print the image. Different from the Fujifilm instant camera I have, there is no Reprint button like this. Oh Yes, on the back, there is also a slot to fill or remove the paper.

On top, there is also a status LED to indicate that the camera is on or printing an image, the power button, and the shutter button to snap the image. At the bottom, there is a speaker, a reset button, a micro USB port for charging the camera, and a micro SD slot. Well, this is also a difference compared to my Fujifilm instant camera, which does not have a micro SD slot.

Canon also provides three variants of color, namely Bubble Gum Pink, Bumble Bee Yellow, and Seaside Blue. Overall, I love the color that "Ngejreng " and its stylish design. Plus, the shape is also small and not too thick, so it can be taken everywhere.

Different from other instant cameras, Canon completes Inspic C with its Zink-tech paper. So the paper is no longer a cartridge ink, so I don't have to wait for the image to dry before holding the image printout. Even the paper can also be used as a sticker, which makes me can stick the image results anywhere.

Unfortunately, the Inspic C series is not compatible with the Canon Mini Print app, like Inspic S. So I can't edit the shots as such, adding stickers, photo frames, and text. Meanwhile, the battery is 700 mAh, which takes approximately one hour to charge.

Speaking of the results of the image, I did not like it because it displays inaccurate colors in bright and weak lighting conditions. Moreover, when I try to take a selfie outdoors with a clear morning condition, the result of the image features an uneven exspoure. The reason in the results of the image shows the color of my hair that is not so black, and there are image artifacts that make the camera.

Canon iNSPiC C User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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