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Canon EOS Ra manuals - Canon secretly launched a full-frame mirrorless camera for astrophotography needs called EOS Ra. This is the first Canon full-frame mirrorless camera to photograph sky photography at night. Reported from PetaPixel (5/11), the letter ' a ' on the camera is likely short for ' astrophotography.'

EOS Ra has a specially designed IR filter. "This allows for the more profound transmission of infrared rays from Nebula jets, without the need for optics or other unique accessories, Canon said. Also, the camera has allowed a 30x magnification on the EVF and LCD, for the sake of focus when photographing night sky imagery.

In addition to these unique features, this mirrorless camera has identical specifications to the EOS R. Canon completes the EOS Ra with a 30.3 MP resolution CMOS sensor, a magnesium mixed camera body, the RF Mount, an EVF resolution and the same LCD, and so on.

The thing to keep in mind is, don't have a plan to buy this camera if you're not interested in stellar night sky photography, because its IR filter can bring difficulties to images in several shooting scenarios Regular.

Canon sells a mirrorless camera with a price of USD 2,500. There is no further information when the camera is officially available, but according to rumors, the EOS Ra will be present at the beginning of December 2019. All Canon lenses with the RF Mount can be installed on the Canon EOS Ra.

Canon EOS Ra Manual

Description Instruction Manual Leaflet (pdf) 
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