Syma X5SW Drone Manual (PDF) User Guide

Syma X5SW Manual - Syma X5SW is the latest and most sophisticated model for the type Quadcopter X5 toy class of Syma. It is also the most expensive model of the type, although the difference is small, and is the only model that has the video features FPV (first person View) over a WiFi network. Priced at around $61, it is available in black, red, or white.

Syma X5SW Manuals

Description Syma X5SW User Manual
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X5SW is almost an associate with his other siblings – X5SC and X5S. The only thing that distinguishes it from the other two models is the FPV camera that has a WiFi antenna used to emit FPV video. The camera is essentially the same as that used on X5SC, with an additional antenna that stands out from its back.

Some people may be curious, what is the difference between X5SC-1 with X5SC or X5C-1 with X5C? There is actually no difference between X5SC-1 and X5SC. The number "1" on the model name X5SC-1 is only an indication that it is an "e-commerce" version of X5SC. This means that X5SC-1 is sent in a smaller box to reduce shipping costs while the X5SC comes with a larger box with a plastic handle on the top and is meant for retail stores. However, more extensive packaging means a more impressive appearance for any product that sits atop a retail shelf that is very helpful in sales.

Syma X5SW has a lot of extreme in one package. On the one hand, it is only a price of $61 and is the only model of the type X5 of Syma that has the feature FPV. It is also one of the cheapest quadcopter grade toys on the market that features FPV. On the other hand, its FPV feature is not well implemented and suffers some weaknesses. X5SW also suffered a famous "wind bug" covered in my previous review of X5SC-1. However, when we recall that the price of a drone with a useful FPV feature could reach 10 to 20 times more expensive than X5SW, we could ignore its flaws.

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