Syma X5C Drone Manual (PDF) User Guide

Syma X5C Manual - Syma X5C Explorer enters the type of Quad-Copter with four engines and propeller that are symmetrically located on each side. The Drone also has a frame that is familiar to the Quad-Copter, which is an X-shaped one. And if it is seen at a glance, Syma X5C Explorer looks slim even though it has been given a case with its flagship white color. But despite the slim look, the drone has a case made of strong material. Not to mention, this drone also has legs as a support when standing at ground level. This leg's function protects the camera from a solid surface that could even damage the body unit. Not enough with that, as a security for the propeller, this drone can also be mounted propeller protector on each side to prevent collisions with direct hard objects about the propeller, so that the propeller can be safer.

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Syma X5C Explorer comes not only with additional functions in the form of cameras that can be used to take pictures and record videos only, but Syma also gives other functions that the button already exists in the Remote. Because it is designed to take photos of the air too, this Syma X5C Explorer must undoubtedly have a stable flying ability. Syma X5C Explorer, therefore, has 6 gyro-axis that are ready to make drones able to fly stably even when in the wind.

The Drone continues to use the battery as its primary power source. Syma X5C Explorer is given a 3.7 Volt battery-powered and a capacity of 500mAh. And with Segitu capacity, Syma X5W Explorer can fly approximately for 7 minutes. Then you can recharge the battery with the supplied USB cable when purchasing. You can recharge the battery via USB Port on your computer or laptop, and you can also use an adapter like when you recharge your smartphone, or if you're out of the house, you can also use PowerBank more practically. The duration of the recharge process is approximately 100 minutes.

Syma X5C Explorer already has a 4CH with data transmission using a high frequency of 2.4 GHz. With this controller, you can control the Syma X5C Explorer in a radius of 80-100 meters. In this remote, in addition to the controls to climb down and turn, there are also several function keys that you can use for the sake of shooting in the air. In addition to the complement, on the remote, there is also a monochrome LCD that displays the status as well as the current information such as battery power, signal strength, selected mode, and the selected speed, so you will be more accessible to Current drone and controller status.

For shooting, the Syma X5C Explorer is equipped with a 2MP HD Cam resolution. With this camera, you can shoot photos or shoot videos from the air at the highest possible quality. With the camera, you can easily capture the air moment that you will not be able to find if you are below. You can use this feature by pressing the existing button on the remote control.

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