SiOnyx Aurora Sport User Manual Guide (PDF)

SiOnyx Aurora Sports User Manual - What happens when the winning night vision technology company's tender project from the United States Armed Forces is working on a camera? SiOnyx Aurora Gen 2 The answer, an action cam that enters the anti-mainstream category thanks to its ability to see in the dark while capturing all the colors that exist.

The camera was introduced last year through the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform before it was finally marketed extensively for $799. The Banderol is clearly impressed by expensive for most customers, especially if it weighs a limited video recording capability at 720p 60 FPS resolution.

SiOnyx Aurora Sport User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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But it is worth mentioning a product with relatively new technology. Over time, the required production cost can be kept pressed, and it's been substantiated by SiOnyx recently through the launch of SiOnyx Aurora Sport.

Aurora Sport is essentially an identical cam action like the last year's SiOnyx. The shape is still cylindrical, and it still contains a 1-inch sensor that is 10x more sensitive to light than the sensor in general. This is accomplished thanks to the same exact semiconductor technology that SiOnyx uses on its joint projects with the US armed forces.

Also unchanged is the 16mm f/1.4-5.6 lens at the front end, as well as the micro OLED viewfinder at the rear end. They are packed in a waterproof order with IP67 certification, and SiOnyx certainly doesn't forget to provide a microSD card slot along with Wi-Fi connectivity for the camera to be connected to both Android and iOS devices via the companion app.

The only differentiator of Aurora Sport and the first version of Aurora is the price official. SiOnyx will be marketing Aurora Sport for $399, or exactly half the price of the original version. This is quite a significant achievement considering that previous night vision technology could only be obtained in thousands of dollars worth of cameras.

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