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Analog instant camera is no longer annoying. And, this was successfully proven by Polaroid via the Polaroid OneStep +, its first analog instant camera featuring Bluetooth connectivity.

It is one of the advantages of the Polaroid OneStep Plus instant camera compared to other instant cameras in the market. You can connect your Android or iOS smartphone with this camera via the Polaroid Originals and Bluetooth apps. This connection will let you set up your camera remotely, for example, to snap the shutter.

Remote camera capture can be done with a maximum distance of 32 feet from the camera. This style is perfect for photographing many people at once, or when you're alone and want to take selfies or selfie.

Also, the shooting results of the app can be managed to style the portrait, which is with a blurred background, while the subject of the photo remains clear. Then there is also a double exposure mode that can be run through the application. In the mode called lately, you can unite two photos into a single template. The results are impressed like photographing ghosts, or if you want, can also be used to create light paintings.

If you don't use the app, you can also install a 12-second timer or install a noise trigger. The noise trigger makes the camera automatically presses the shutter when a sound is detected. For example, you pat your hands, the voice of a dog barking, or a water-spray sound when you jump into the pond.

The advantages of OneStep Plus are not just the existence of applications that give a modern touch. There are also other capabilities of lens choice from different angles. The first lens is used for portrait mode, which, as mentioned above, can result in photos with blurred backgrounds and subject remains focused. While the second lens can be used to photograph landscape mode or scenery. In new modes the angle of view will be more full, so you can include more background.

The exciting thing about this dual-lens is that you don't have to replace it in a removable way. This lens mode replacement process can be done by sliding the lever located at the top of the camera body.

Beyond the mention, you can also find a wide range of feature-set Polaroid OneStep Plus features. Some of them are the optical viewfinder at the rear of the camera body, the on/off switch, and the micro USB port that can be used for charging. Once charging, the camera battery is expected to last up to a maximum of 60 days.

Polaroid Originals OneStep Plus Manuals

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