Parrot Bebot 2 Manual (PDF) User Guide

Parrot Bebot 2 Manual - French drone manufacturer Parrot Reannounces the presence of its latest product, Bebop 2. The Drone is a direct successor to the Parrot Bebop that was launched last year. Despite carrying the label "2", the update that was taken is not so much.

The physical Parrot Bebop 2 is roughly the same as its predecessor. The concept of the design is not changed: the camera position is still located on the nose. Unlike other drones that rely on dreadlocks, the camera is embedded inside the Bebop 2 body. The Parrot also provided a software-based stabilizer system.

In terms of quality, the camera's optical components are also identical to those of the original Bebop: 14 Megapixels, 1080p with a 180-degree angle of view. Parrot felt so far the performance was still pretty good. This assumption is not excessive, because based on the experience of the reviewers, Bebop's main weakness lies in its less stable connectivity.

Now, Bebop 2 is claimed to be able to better maintain the connection to a smartphone or tablet. Just like its predecessor, Bebop 2 will also be accompanied by the SkyController component sold in a separate bundle. With SkyController, the range of Bebop 2 can be expanded to some 2 kilometers.

Continuing, what else is new from Bebop 2? According to Parrot's own recognition, they succeeded in reducing the number of parts moving in Bebop 2, and replaced them with software. It is also believed to impact the solidity of the drone body itself.

Furthermore, Bebop 2 is also more speeding, with a maximum speed of about 34 km/h. Its battery durability has also increased rapidly. If the original Bebop can only be broadcast for 12 minutes in a single charge, Bebop 2 is now claimed to be operating for up to 25 minutes at once.

Moreover, you will still meet a compact body equipped with a computer and a series of highly sophisticated sensors, from the accelerometer and gyroscope to the GPS and ultrasound sensors.

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