Parrot Anafi Thermal Manual (PDF) User Guide

Parrot Anafi Thermal Manual - French drone manufacturer Parrot decided to focus on a professional drone segment after witnessing DJI domination, which is increasingly to be in the realm of consumer drones. But that doesn't mean Parrot has actually given up with the consumer drone. The proof, last year, they introduced Anafi.

Armed with a folding design and a qualified specification, Anafi is well worth being seen as one of DJI Mavic Air's rivals. But Parrot apparently did not forget with their decision to switch focus, until finally born a new drone model named Anafi Thermal.

As we can guess, this is an Anafi professional or commercial version. Parrot has already been stuffing the FLIR (Lepton) thermal sensor to accompany the Sony's 21 megapixel-paired sensors attached to the Anafi. The presence of thermal sensors allows Anafi to detect temperatures from-10 ° to 400 ° C, with a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels.

Minor resolution? Indeed, but remember, it's just for the thermal images only. A pretty special, the FreeFlight 6 companion app that Parrot designed allows Anafi users to unite the thermal images with the built-in camera of Anafi so that the information gets more detailed.

Parrot intentionally did not change the capabilities of Anafi camera; 4K video is still capable of recording thanks to the help of 3-axis dreadlocks stably. The form is almost identical, except that each arm of Anafi Thermal is slightly slimmer, so the weight is 10 grams compared to the standard version.

The silence is trivial, but Parrot believes this weight trimming succeeded in increasing the battery life of Anafi Thermal to a total of 26 minutes per charge. During the air, Anafi Thermal was also able to survive even after a strong wind of 50 km/h, while its own maximum speed reached 55 km/h.

Parrot Anafi Thermal Manuals

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