Insta360 Titan User Manual Guide (PDF)

Insta360 Titan User Manual - Insta360 re-announces its innovative 360 camera. Given the name Insta360 Titan, the 360 camera will be the new standard of the 360 camera because it is the first to carry the MFT (Micro Four Third) sensor such as Panasonic and Olympus mirrorless cameras.

Insta360 Titan comes with 8 camera modules and a wide-angle lens that can each capture a picture with an angle coverage of up to 200 degrees.

Insta360 Titan User Manuals Guide (PDF)

Description Insta360 Titan Manual
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Format PDF
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DescriptionInsta360 Titan User Manual
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DescriptionInsta360 Titan User Manual
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Besides the MFT sensor, Insta360 is also the first 360 camera that can record video up to 11K 30fps resolution. Also, the camera is capable of recording 3D video formats at a resolution of 10K 30fps, 8K 60fps and 120fps slow-motion video at 5.3 K resolution. Very complete to make it easy to create VR content at various resolutions.

To support its impressive video recording capabilities, Insta360 Titan also includes a new array of features.

Insta360 Titan supports 10bit format video recording, equipped with GPS, MIC, 9-axis gimbal to stabilize image capture, and has 9 SD memory card slots.

The camera is also powered by Farsight technology that allows users to monitor image capture via smartphones, and Insta360 ClearView to recognize the results of high-resolution video footage to still be played on the smartphone screen.

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