Insta360 One User Manual Guide (PDF)

Insta360 One User Manual - Creating 360 video content is now getting more comfortable with the start of the sheer number of video cameras specifically created to create a 360 video. One of them is Insta360 ONE, which offers video recording capabilities from 360 to 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) at 30 fps.

Besides being able to record video 360 up to 4K 30fps resolution, Insta360 ONE can also record video with a faster frame rate of up to 60 fps at a resolution of 2560 x 1280 pixels. To photograph this camera can produce 360 photos up to 24-megapixel resolution.

Insta360 One User Manuals Guide (PDF)

Description Insta360 One Quick Start Manual
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Insta360 ONE can be operated directly like an action camera in general. Or, you can also control it with remote control over a Bluetooth connection. The last option Insta360 ONE can be installed on Your iPhone or iPad via the Lightning port.

This camera feature is also very complete. In addition to the available feature manual control, timelapse, and supports live streaming 360 in 4K resolution, in Insta360 ONE can also be found a feature called FreeCapture.

FreeCapture allows users to record 360 videos. Then, the video can be displayed to smartphones in the standard resolution of Full HD, and to enjoy the experience of watching the 360 video, users just have to move the smartphone in turn 360 degrees. Then there is also the SmartTrack Auto-Framing feature that can lock and follow subjects when recording standard video in Full HD resolution.

To support smoother video recording, Insta360 ONE has been supported with gyroscope sensors and additional 6-axis stabilizer features. You can also enjoy a more creative video with the Invisible Selfie stick feature that allows video recording without any noticeable selfie sticks used. There is also a Bullet Time feature that becomes its flagship. When plugged into a selfie stick or strap, the Bullet Time feature will allow the user to rotate the Insta360 camera to take a picture of 360 from overhead.

Adjusting the user's needs, Insta360 ONE comes with a standard tripod hole so it can be mounted to helmets, drones, cars, or selfie sticks. It has also been equipped with a waterproof case with IP68 certification so that it can be used to capture underwater shots.

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