Insta360 Nano S User Manual Guide (PDF)

Insta360 Nano S User Manual - Insta360 Nano S Its design is arguably identical to its predecessor, still using the Lightning connector and can even be used thanks to the presence of rechargeable batteries and memory card slots separately. What changed, in addition to the black variant, is actually invisible to the naked eye.

It is the quality of the image that has received significant improvement. The video's resolution rose from 3K to 4K, while the resolution of the still photo was even more drastic, from 4.6 to 20 megapixels. Long story short, the results of the recordings will appear sharper, plus more stable thanks to the new image stabilization algorithm that is believed to maximize the potential of a connected iPhone's gyroscope.

Insta360 Nano S User Manuals Guide (PDF)

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But the better picture quality is just some of the stories because there is still a bunch of new features that are no less interesting. Its main feature is MultiView, which allows you to broadcast standard (non-spherical) videos of two or three different angles simultaneously, giving rise to the impression that you are using a multi-camera setup.

Another feature is FreeCapture, borrowed from Insta360 One. This feature actually allows the user to ' extract ' the standard video from the resulting 360 of the recording. Thanks to this feature, you don't have to worry about taking the angle, because everything can be set after recording.

The latter feature is 360 Video Chat. This is quite unique; the opponent you don't have to use the Insta360 app to get to interact with you and anything that is around you. Simply share a link, then your opponent can immediately see your appearance in a 360-degree viewing angle through the browser.

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