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This Nikon D80 has a resolution of 10.8 megapixels which is capable of producing good quality photographs. If you print the photo can be up to 20R or more. Also, do not doubt about the sharpness of your shot. Because you will be satisfied really with a high level of sharpness. Moreover, excellent color saturation will significantly spoil the eyes.

This camera is suitable for use by you who want to deepen photography, especially with DSLR cameras. Moreover, this Nikon D80 is included into the semi-Pro camera lineup. If noted, the design of the Nikon D80 camera is much like the Nikon D70 or D70s. But in terms of dimensions, D80 is somewhat smaller, and the size is arguably similar to D50.

When it is in terms of material, the camera is coated with reliable and robust material. On the grip is rubber coated so that users can be more steady while operating the camera. Also, the body is very well-held, and not exhausting is also carried around or held lingering.

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Of course, in photographing or shooting, the problem of autofocus is the main thing to consider. With Nikon D80, you can shoot images by relying on fast and accurate autofocus.

To shoot in a low-light place, there are some tricks to make a good picture. For example, using Flash. Alternatively, it can also increase the ISO so that the image becomes brighter. However, if you raise the ISO too high, usually the noise that appears to be very annoying is not it?

However, with the Nikon D80, you don't have to worry. Because there is a High Noise Reduction feature that will help to reduce the "ants" in the image even if you are using a reasonably high ISO.

Another advantage of this Nikon D80 is that you can turn the camera on quickly. So, you won't miss those precious moments when you want to photograph something. Instead, you can also turn off the camera just as fast.

Then, for Speed affairs, you can also rely on it to process data into storage media. You don't have to wait for a long time to transfer photos or videos from your camera to another device.

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