Nikon D750 Manual (PDF) User Guide & instructions

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The Nikon D750 is perfect for photographers who currently use Nikon's APS-C DSLR cameras like the Nikon D7100, D300/s, which are waiting for the camera to upgrade. D750 can be for various types of photography but is best suited for photography, wedding and sport/wildlife. Suitable also for videography. Do not forget after upgrading lens-lenses also need to be upgraded to maximize the potential of this camera.

For those who are now again thinking of upgrading to a Nikon full-frame DSLR camera, perhaps the D750 is an exciting thing. Although the quality of the body is not the same as the Nikon D700 or Nikon D300 full magnesium alloy, from the hearings, the grip is also tasty, and the collection blends magnesium alloy, and carbon fiber does not feel like cheap plastic.

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Its features are also equivalent to more sophisticated cameras such as the Nikon D810. There are some exciting things too like foldable LCD screen (tilt), more movie features, even a particular movie page in the menu.

Although the excess looks quite a lot, the above advantages are not very appealing to me, because in terms of body and the quality of AF I was quite satisfied with the Nikon D700, especially for the needs of action photography. And again, my current needs have also changed, I rarely shoot coverage, but more to travel, scenery, street photography, so the excess D750 compared the D600 is not that important. In other words, D750 is not the camera that "must-have" for me.

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