Nikon D7000 Manual (PDF) User Guide

Product description:

The Nikon D7000 is a DSLR camera that can be an option for you professional photographers.  This DSLR camera uses a 16.2 MP CMOS sensor with an 18-105mm kit lens, it is a medium-to-top camera with a certain quality. Nikon D7000 is capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p format with 24fps autofocus. With the body of magnesium alloy protected with the weather seal, it makes it sturdy but also lightweight so you can see comfortably when shooting objects.

The Nikon D7000 DSLR camera has an HD quality video recording function with full autofocus feature and a stereo external microphone jack with a duration of 20 minutes in a single recording. Also, you can use a variety of Nikon lenses for all Recording needs. With a speed of 6 frames per second, you can shoot fast-paced events through the Continuous Shooting feature of up to 100 shots.

The camera's standard ISO range is 100-6400, you can also add up to ISO 25600 (HI2). A high ISO lets you shoot at a low-light condition, or it is also useful to increase the shutter speed to capture moments that take place very quickly.

You can freely select the focal point area, as there are 39 focal points that you can choose from, including the 9 main focal points that use a cross-type system. This DSLR camera uses the EXPEED 2 processor and 14-bit A/D conversion that will provide smooth color tone, color-rich, and fast camera performance.

Compact and dependable. With material using Magnesium-Alloy on top and front guards, the camera can withstand weather and dust resistance. Its high durability is balanced also with high performance as its ability lasts up to 150,000 shots.

With a large and bright pentaprism Viewfinder will help you to cover a 100% point of view like what you're watching in real state, with 0.94 x magnification. With a 170-degree perspective, it provides bright results as well as sharper review results, and the screen has Live View capabilities when you're recording a video.


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The camera has an SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card compatibility as a storage medium for your photos and videos. With dual-slot features, you can save NEF (RAW), JPEG, and video files separately. Starting-up speeds of 0.13 seconds and a shutter lag of 50 million-seconds, the camera is always ready to carry with you wherever you travel. The camera has an internal flash that has iTTL and Wireless Commander features. Ready to illuminate your photo objects.

Its battery life can withstand us 850 shots. Not only knowing the rest of the capacity, but there is also a menu system on the camera that can be used as an indicator to determine the age of the battery.

One of the optional accessories that can be paired on a Nikon D7000 camera is the battery grip MB-D11. Its function is to improve the lifetime of your camera because by using the battery grip, you can add 1 piece of a spare battery. Also, using the array of your grip can comfortably use your camera when shooting in a vertical position.

With your camera's HDMI port connection, you can directly connect your camera to an HD TV, watching photos and videos over a larger screen. You can do the settings and save them in the Special Dial menu (U1, U2). So that when you need those settings quickly, simply turn the dial U1 or U2, then the camera will soon change all the settings according to the one you have saved.

One of the features featured in the latest Nikon DSLR Camera series is Active D-Lighting. It functions to control the shadow and highlights, so the photo details are always well maintained.

You can choose from different modes such as Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close-up, Night Portrait, for maximum results in each shooting condition. Horizon Virtual Graphics Indicator
This feature is useful for knowing the camera's tilt position level, which can be applied through the Live View mode.

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