Canon T6 Rebel Manual (PDF) User's Guide

Product description:

Canon again shot the entry-level segment by launching its latest DSLR camera EOS Rebel T6. Cameras that have a professional body like this camera are more devoted to their new entry or study in the world of photography.

Canon EOS Rebel T6 can be said to be the successor generation of Canon's earlier entry-level variant DSLR cameras, which is 1200D. This latest EOS Rebel T6 also has some enhancements, such as the use of a Digic 4 + processor combined with a CMOS sensor (APS-C) with an 18-megapixel resolution.

In addition to the change of processor usage, this Canon EOS Rebel T6 has been equipped with WiFi and NFC features. Both features to provide users with the smooth transfer of photo files to other mobile devices that also support both features.

The LCD screen that the camera uses also does not escape from Canon's camera designers so that it has changed again. The EOS Rebel T6 features a 3-inch TFT LCD-type display with a higher screen dots of 920,000.

In addition to being able to present brilliant photo quality, the EOS Rebel T6 is equipped with 9-point AutoFocus System capabilities. For those of you who are a hobby of recording video process, this camera is also reliable because it has Full HD 1080p quality video capture capability with 30 fps.

Canon T6 Rebel OWNER'S MANUALS Download:

Description EOS REBEL T6 (W), EOS 1300D (W) Instruction Manual (pdf)
Language English
Format PDF
File Download

DescriptionEOS REBEL T6 (W), EOS 1300D (W) Basic Instruction Manual
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Description EOS REBEL T6 (W), EOS 1300D (W) Wireless Function Instruction Manual
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